Sunday, May 18, 2008

The book of life...

I have a vivid imagination and always cause myself to smile with the images that my brain throws out when I think of things. I looked at my blog today and saw the X-mas pictures and immediately thought of this old house with cobwebs hanging all over the place, dust an inch and a half thick on the furniture, and a couple of broken windows where someone had tried to break in. Such is it when you don't blog for over six months and everyone abandons reading your blog cause they just know that you won't post and even if you do, you won't string more than two posts together before wandering away again. I have vowed to try to be better with this, but I just can't get excited about it when no one comes to visit, and no one does cause I don't post enough, a classic catch-22. Oh well, here is a life post as I actually have some things to talk about or at least mull over. My older sister lives in Mississippi and constantly posts on our family site about her house on an acre of land with the forrest in the backyard and all the wild animals that visit there like the snakes that they kill and the coyotes that are killing the chickens in their hen house or maybe she will ramble on about the bee hives that they have or my nephew hunting and killing his first deer. Its a country slice of life that I would enjoy, but will never leave Vegas to find so I don't cry over what I miss. Yet, I do what I can here in the dessert, planting tomatoes and peppers in my back yard garden, and raising strawberries and lemons in containers on my patio. People who know my wife and I know that we have been putting some money into finishing up our backyard, as we have recently roofed over the slab of concrete that was our patio and we finally got the rock put in and we are going to have several more large shade trees added to our oasis. I guess it is all starting to pay off as I was outside this evening filling up the humming bird feeder with water and I glanced up and noticed a rabbit staring at me in from across the yard. I frantically scrambled into the house and got Teri to look at the 'wild animal' that was exciting me before it hopped away through a drainage hole in our cinder block fence. I was joyously reliving Watership Down in my head for the next hour as I sat on our outdoor furniture wondering where the bunny came from and if it would ever be back.


Blogger New White Keds said...

You have bunnies all over your community, so my guess is that yes it will be back. The backyard really is coming together so nicely that I cannot blame Peter Cottontail for wanting to hang out for a bit.

Glad to see you back... now let's see if you can keep it going for a while :-)

2:46 PM  
Blogger An80sNut said...

Kinda cool to see nature encroach upon what we consider sterile, clean, human environments. I'm sure it'll be back to deliver eggs for Jacob next year.

10:13 PM  

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