Sunday, August 17, 2008

Curve balls

Life occasionally throws you a curve ball as you sit watching the zone waiting to hit another hard and fast one out of the park. My wife's life was just turned upside down, and hence my own, as her Mother passed away while on an Alaskan cruise. Needless to say, what had started as a nice recuperative summer metamorphosised into a Twilight Zone episode. What do you say to your wife when she has this hole in her heart and you just can't seem to fill it. Otherwise life seems to be good, my eldest son graduated from high school and starts college here soon. My nearly two year old is walking and talking and doing the precocious things that just make parents say "ahhh". I have a week left before my Fantasy Football draft and I have started my yearly football research. Also, my brother talked me into doing this Facebook thing and I just signed up and created my profile, but more on that later...


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