Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The moldy remains of my life

Well, well, well, its barely a week or so later and here I am again - he shoots, he scores! Just in case you are not part of the people who know Teri and I are having problems with a leaky water heater and mold growing in our closet and garage. Needless to say this has caused interesting issues at our house as we have E.T. style plastic draped everywhere and have had no hot water for the last couple of days. One forgets the conveniences of modern living until something like this happens. At least the stress of my latest UNLV class is over as I finished taking Philosophy 102 which really should be titled Logic and Arguments 102 as the gist of the class was learning how to recognize faulty logic in writing and speaking and what makes a good argument. I got an A-, which should tell everyone something. I guess I can finally gear up for my upcoming Fantasy Football draft in two weeks as this will be the first one not at my brother's house as he has moved to Iowa - even if he is flying into town for the draft.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


I think I will just jot off a quick post on my blog and since I haven't posted anything since just after Jacob was born, I know that nobody comes here anymore and I will just see how long it takes before its noticed. Hmmmm who could have known that the emptiness would echo so. Nothing new really in my life other than adjusting to the birth of my new son and remembering how life is as a new dad all over again. Feeling the mix of exasperation and joy as you play with your non-walking non-talking son and wishing that he would grow and get older sooner, but realizing that you shouldn't be wishing that since the other one is getting so old and will be graduating and going to college soon. Ahhh well, the day will finally come when he will start talking and walking and then he will never stop. Well enough already as I have written briefly and experienced the cathartic effect I was looking for...