Saturday, September 01, 2007


Well I finally did it, I went out and got myself a laptop. A sweet little $600 Toshiba Windows Vista 1.7 meg 15 inch screen thing. If you don't know me that well this is a big change for me cause I don't like the touchpad on laptops -yes I hear you saying to yourself, "Ok Lloyd, then just buy one of those stupid little mouse things for it." (which I did, but that is besides the point) I have always felt that the whole point of the laptop is the portability aspect of it. You know, no wires, no worries, pack up and go, no desktop to worry about. Not plug in the mouse, plug in the AC adaptor, why don't I just use my desktop as its got the bigger monitor anyways. Well I finally broke down because of a fried router and Jacob. Wait, I will explain. Awhile ago, many months to be exact, my old handy trusty Linksys router decided to die on me. It looked like it was working but wouldn't connect anything to the internet (and with 3 diehard PC junkies in my house that just wouldn't work) I quickly ran down to Circuit City to buy a cheap 4-port wired router (I completely wired my house 5 years ago when we bought it) and ran in to the first maxim of the new computer age 'Its a wireless world.' I ended up plunking down an extra 30 bucks for a wireless card for Teri's PC and buying a combo wired/wireless Linksys router as they didn't have any plain wired ones in stock. Of course this precipitated my downfall as I didn't have any good excuses left as to why I just couldn't get a laptop, everything was just personal preference now and when Jacob got old enough to not want to sit complacently next the computer, my latest purchase was assured. Yes, it did take me some time to break down, especially as I realized that on the rare days that I worked from home, I was continually being dragged away by my little rugrat. I finally justified my buy, by rationalizing that I could lug the laptop and Jacob from room to room as he got bored.