Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I'm melting away...

Ok I am reading this time travel series by Warren Norwood and it has got me thinking about what people would do if they could go back in time and change something. Let me make it simple for everyone and say that we will ignore the butterfly affect (where you go back in time and make a change and it affects everything). Let's say you could go back and tell a younger you to do or not do something and everything would be ok with the world, only you would change, what would it be? Or, would you rather not mess with your life, but instead play time tourist and go visit events or people in the past? What would you do if you found a time machine in your attic or basement and could go anywhere or anywhen? Would you visit the future or stick to the past? Would you tell anyone or keep it all to yourself? (Let's pretend the government does not find out) What would you do?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hey UFC, whatsa matter fondue?

Well yesterday was Teri and my anniversary and we had a nice romantic night out, or to quote the advertisement for the spot we went to dinner at: "...The Melting Pot offers a chance to escape from life's hectic pace. It takes about 2 hours to enjoy the full 4-course fondue dining experience. Most guests choose the “Fixed Price” menus for two, enjoyed at a private table. CHEESE FONDUE Your choice is prepared tableside by your server with bread, vegetables, and apples for dipping. SALAD CHOICE Three fresh choices ENTREE Combinations of Filet, Teriyaki, Lobster and More… All served with garden fresh vegetables and an array of dipping sauces. CHOCOLATE FONDUE Melted White, Dark or Milk Chocolate (with any liquor added) plus various cakes, marshmallows and fruits for dipping. WINES and COCKTAILS Extensive walk-in cellar and great Martini's No matter what the occasion - from a romantic date to a get together with friends, meetings or large groups - The Melting Pot always hits the spot. " and boy was it worth the time and money we spent at the place. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to have a wonderful evening out. Teri and I both felt like we were dating again and we laughed our way through a quick TWO hour dinner. We actually ended up skipping the chocolate dessert since we both were so full, but we also decided that we are going to go back another time for just dessert.

It was actually a very full weekend as we also had Martin and his lady over for UFC on Saturday and watched a couple of good fights and had a couple of laughs over the beers we were drinking. We are eagerly looking forward to the next one on February 4th - Superbowl weekend. Too bad we don't know any more UFC fans, although Teri is becoming very knowledgable on the fighters. She is also developing a taste for good Reislings thanks to Martin.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

What goes on in near Vegas, happens only in Vegas

Ok I was reading the Las Vegas newspaper's online version today, the Review Journal, and came across an interesting article that I thought I would share with everyone. Click here. This article describes a new venture that is being started just north of Vegas in Nye county, near Pahrhump. For those of you who may not know, prostitution is legal in Nevada other than in Clark and Storey counties (Las Vegas and Reno). Yet, Pahrhump and Nye county are only a short drive away - about an hour. Now having grown up in Vegas I am quite aware of the cathouses and have never really given it much thought, other than to make the occassional joke while growing up. I don't think I have known anyone who actually lives here who has actually gone up to the brothels other than for a bachelor party or the like. However, I have become somewhat addicted to HBO Friday late night entertainment, including Taxi Cab Confessions and Cathouse the Series. So when reading this article I was intrigued by the idea that women might actually pay for it (male prostitutes). Is this only a guy's vice or would you in some daring moment actually visit a brothel with male prositutes? Come on give oh audience, I want to know...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Comte de St Germain

Have you ever wondered about your ancestors? Maybe you talked to some of your older relatives at a family gathering? Maybe they told you about "the old country" or the like. Well in my family we are always asking questions about our ancestors, but we can't seem to find anything out past the Great Grandparents. Its like nobody remembers anything before then. My Dad's side of the family goes back to his Mom (my Dad was a bastard and barely knew his real Dad) and her mother who was a reservation American Indian (dead end). My Mom's Dad can trace his roots back to Cornwall England, but we don't know any names before his parents. Its only when we get to my Mom's Mom's Mom (my Great-Grandmother) that it gets interesting. Again not for what we know, but what we don't know. My Great-Grandmother's maiden name was Saint Germain and her ancestors were from the area around the French German border.

Well today Teri and I, after visiting my Mom and Uncle, started talking about ancestors and her relatives that came from "White Russia". Well since neither of us knew where the hell White Russia was we googled it and soon were ensconced in a bit of research looking for her Belarusian (White Russian) and Black Forest Germany ancestors. After tiring of this line and wondering if Teri's many Great Grandparents were minor nobility, I decided to look up some of my ancestors and typed in Saint Germain to see what came up. Needless to say I was quite shocked when I stumbled upon the Count Saint Germain, the man who lived forever, especially since the picture they showed looked like somebody who would be in our family (Ok maybe I am stretching that last part, but you never know)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

You can't handle the truth!

Ok, I was cruising the web the other week and happened to come across a review for the movie "Where the Truth Lies". Now, Teri is madly in lust with Colin Firth and when this movie came out in limited release back in October she was planning to see it day one until she found out it was in limited release in New York and Los Angeles. Even then she thought about doing a road trip with Amy to go see it. Back to the aforementioned review, I noticed on the official website that the movie was finally going to make it to Vegas on November 4th and thought that I could surprise my wife with a mystery night out. I cornered Martin at the Halloween party and we came up with a scheme to take the significant others out to dinner and a movie without telling them where we were going. We figured that we could get back some of the brownie points we lost when the 4 of us went to Sin City and that way when we suggest going and seeing Aeon Flux in early December they won't complain all that much. Well the date went pretty well, even with Teri figuring out where we were going beforehand with her psychic powers. However, the movie was not what we were led to believe. Martin and I figured that we were going to see a chick flick (Colin Firth) with a lot of nudity in it to make up for it. Yeah right, it was more of a mystery suspense movie with lots of nudity, and a troubling twist at the end. We left the theatre talking about America's double standard and how bothered Martin is by male skin meeting male skin. Yes, the end of the movie does feature a menage-a-trois scene. I don't think Teri will ever be able to look at Colin Firth the same way again and it isn't due to the moustach that he sports in parts of the movie.