Saturday, June 24, 2006

Another top ten...

Ok its time for another top ten list. This weeks list is brought to you courtesy of my brother who posted this on our family website and got several responses for it, your top ten all-time favorite TV shows. Remember, just for clarification, these are all-time favorites which can include cable and shows from bygone days, so take your time. Also, since it is my top ten a couple of rules. The list is for television series, so miniseries or TV movies don't count. Martin, please don't list Japanese Anime shows in your list, even the ones that were on as series. 'Good Eats' is ok though.

Here is my Top Ten TV shows of all times list. Bewitched and Simpsons just missed out.

1) Pretender
2) Stargate SG1
3) Voyagers
4) Highlander
5) Sliders
6) Gilligan's Island
7) Dark Angel
8) Quantum Leap
9) Get Smart
10) MacGyver

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Hey look I am back again, I can't let Teri get away with telling me I haven't blogged in awhile. Since I am still busy with another class I figured I would take the easy was out and do theme week. This weeks themes shall be: TOP TENS! Todays top ten is brought to you by my little sister (she is 5 foot 10 so I get a kick out of calling her little) Michelle who posted this on our family website BBS.

Since I know everyone here thinks they are brilliant and could totally take on everyone on Jeopardy, today's question is: "If you were to be a contestant on Jeopardy, what are your ten dream Jeopardy categories? Categories that you would be able to clear out easily and take all of the Daily Doubles?"

Mine are:

1. Science Fiction
2. American History
3. Fixing your PC
4. Time Travel stories
5. Benjamin Franklin (since I just did my paper on him)
6. Modern American Fantasy Authors (see a pattern here)
7. Sid Meier Games (creator of the Civilization PC game)
8. Las Vegas Geography (I have lived here for 35 years)
9. The Works of Robert Heinlein
10.Stargate SG1

Alright well that’s enough I guess. Now everyone else needs to take a turn...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Baby post from the proud papa...

Just to let everyone know, Teri and I went to the Center for Maternal Medicine today. They do genetic counseling, 3D ultrasounds, and other cool ultra modern stuff. Turns out that we are having a baby - a baby boy (yeah everyone's feelings about the sex were wrong) Jacob (we haven't decided his middle name yet) due date is November 14th and he appears to be completely healthy, we have ultrasound pictures of his 5 fingered hands, his beating heart, and his two eyed face. We also got to see his other internal organs which were fine and had his bones measured. The coolest thing though was when we got to see pictures of his developing brain, wow modern technology...