Monday, September 19, 2005

Trick or Treat!

Ok here's the plan, Teri and I for years have been toying with the idea of having a Halloween party. You know invite a few friends, including ones we don't talk to much, some work people, and maybe some others. Get them all together in our place, we have a large house--perfect for parties, and just have a good time. However, for whatever reason, we always talk about it real loud in September and then quietly forget about it come October. I don't know, maybe Teri's and Josh's October birthdays intrude. Whatever the reason we always seem to never do it. Well this year Teri has sworn she is going to have the party. Me? I don't count as I don't have that many friends and very few work people I would want to see at a party. I am the social hermit of the two of us, Teri the outgoing, gregarious one. She is already totalling up the teachers she will invite, while giving short shift to her old co-workers that she does not keep in touch with. My problem? I don't want to have a teacher party and want to try to balance out the guest list, but the people I would invite I could count on one hand as I have either lost touch with my old friends or they have moved out of town. Should I just give up on it and accept the fact that I will have a bunch of drunken teachers talking shop while I mope, geeking out with Martin if he goes, or should I invite people who I haven't talked to in years and who might be mystified at receiving an invite an invite to a party from me. I mean its not like its a Christmas card or something.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Day off

Hey does everyone remember when they were young and eagerly awaiting Saturday morning cartoons? Was it your weekend activity that you most looked forward to during the week? Remember when you still looked forward to getting up early on the weekend to watch TV, maybe with dried cereal in a bowl in front of you as you tuned in to the early morning cartoons. How many people still like getting up early on Saturday or Sunday? Do you get your pleasure now from sleeping in on the weekend, maybe lounging around in your PJs until noon? Well for those of us who are avid NFL fans, its like we are young again; getting up early and turning on the television to catch the ESPN crew or the Fox guys. Maybe rushing out to get the sports page or logging on to the net to find out late breaking football news. Yes football season has started again and although my wife dreads the start of the season, I feel like a little kid again, anticipating the morning rush as I plop down in front of the tube and zone out for hours on end.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Ok I am old enough to remember the days when people made appointments and actually showed up on time or a little early. Now when you set up an appointment with someone they give you a window of time in which they will be there and then show up at the last possible moment anyways. Whats the use? I understand traffic and the like or running late from your previous appointment, but really, why not a quick phone call giving the person the opportunity to reschedule if need be. The reason I am grumbling is that Teri and I scheduled an appointment with the carpet cleaning people to come out and do our rugs; a get rid of the last of the dog hair type of thing. The rug cleaners gave us a window of between 10-1, so we have been waiting here all morning just on the off chance that they will actually show up in the time allotted. As you can see from the time stamp on this post, the deadline is fast approaching and still no rug cleaners. Not that I had any urgent errands today, and the extra time did allow for Josh to finish cleaning up his room, but why couldn't the rug cleaners have said something like "Well since you live way out Northwest, your appointment will be the last one they are doing in the 10-1 window so expect them right around 1 pm." That way I could have gone grocery shopping this morning and just hung around at lunch time for the tardy carpet cleaners.