Thursday, December 29, 2005

Is it tomorrow yet?

Ok, sometimes I get a bit carried away when I do something. Let me give you an example, I am on vacation currently, 11 glorious fun-filled days off from work, which I am enjoying immensely. Well, except for the Christmas Teri's family tiff, but we won't go into that. Day before yesterday, my brother calls me and says, "Hey, you wanna go to Best Buy with me tomorrow?" Turns out he has a $30 gift card that he wants to spend. Now me, I have been saving up Best Buy gift cards for the last 2 years and have like $140 worth, but nothing that I really wanna buy. So I thought it would be safe for me to go with the bro to the store; maybe check out large flat screen monitors or the like. However, unbeknownst to me, the brother is going to pick up 'Serenity' the movie and maybe take a look to see if they have 'Firefly'. No prob, I think and dive into the movie section at Best Buy after a cursory look at 19 and 20 inch flat screen monitors. The trouble is that my brother is a movie browser and cannot be rushed in trying to find what he is looking for; so, in trying to kill time, I find 'Pretender - Season 2' on DVD and decide to add a little to Teri's Christmas present since I got her 'Pretender - Season 1' as a gift. This is where I make my first mistake, because while looking at 'Pretender', I remember that one of the sisters told me about a Christmas present that she found for me (she didn't get it for me as it was too expensive, $100, but she thought of me). They had 'The Tomorrow People' on DVD, one of my all-time favorite campy 70's sci-fi TV series and if you haven't already figured it out, I decided to splurge and spend my collected gift cards. It gets better though, mistake number 2 is just around the corner. My brother, when he came over to pick me up for the jaunt to Best Buy, took the opportunity to pay me my winnings from our Fantasy Football League and so I had a fresh $100 bill also burning a hole in my pocket. Flash forward to the Best Buy movie selection and my brother walking up to me and seeing 'The Tomorrow People' in my hands and wondering if they had another BBC perennial sci-fi favorite in 'Doctor Who'. So of course we went looking for it and pulled out the 3 DVDs of the Tom Baker years 'Doctor Who' since he was the only Doctor worth talking about. Yep you guessed it, another $65 of DVDs on my stack, since bro optted not to get any of them. Then, just to add insult to injury, I decided to throw Jessica Alba in the pile; Season 1 and 2 of 'Dark Angel', $40 worth of tight black leather. Say goodbye to the gift cards, add seeya later to the football winnings, and then $35 out of pocket for Teri's lust buddy Jared in 'Pretender - Season 2'. Anyone for a science fiction marathon at Teri and Lloyd's house?

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Where fort are thou...

Well I was just going to read blogs tonight and then post tomorrow about having 11 days off from work, but Amy had the sheer gall to tag me and far be it from me to not follow tradition and since it is an amusing tag, I will respond:

5 weird things about myself:

Wow what isn't weird about me.

1) I have a group of moles on my back that is the shape of a sword - one on my left shoulder, one on my right lower back, and three in the middle that always make me think that I have a broadsword slung on my back.

2) I have re-occurring serialized dreams with definite characters that I have been dreaming about since I was a child.

3) I was the Parks and Recreation Checkers Champion for the City of Las Vegas back in the late 70's.

4) I never went to 3rd grade, they promoted me directly to 4th grade after 2nd.

5) When I was 11 years old during a summer, I read Webster's dictionary, Guinesses' Book of World Records, the Old and New Testament, an Almanac, and Encyclopedia Britanica letter 'L' cover to cover, all within a month on a dare from one of my siblings.

I am not going to tag anyone, ...except for Martin, just to see what he comes up with.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Its in the spare oom, in the war drobe...

For those of you that have never read CS Lewis' 7 book masterpiece, now is the time to do so. With the movie hitting theatres last week and Disney having an option on the 6 remaining books, why not engross yourself in the ultimate childhood classic. Haven't you always wanted to escape to a magical land? Haven't you always wanted to defeat the evil witch and become a king or queen? Welcome to Narnia, apply at the lamp-post, genuinely good children wanted. Teri and I got to see the movie in the theatre on Sunday jam packed with elementary school children, half of them from Teri's school. It was great for me to see a new generation of kids enjoying my favorite fantasy series from childhood. However, I soon zoned out the kid's ruckus and forgot myself while enjoying the movie. Definitely a 4 star performance that was true to the spirit of the book and even if Mr and Mrs Beaver did look like Disney Animitronic creatures, the special effects were wonderful. If Harry Potter shows you the dark and mysterious side of merry ol' England, Narnia's landscapes were positively the sunny, bright, and cheerful side.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Paper, paper everywhere...

YEAH I AM DONE!!! The 20 page paper dragon shall trouble me no longer. I have slayed the mighty beast. If you can't tell I have finished my history paper for my History 451 class. You know the one, the one I have been lamenting about for the last several months, the one that asks you to pick a subject area inside of your professor's area of expertise and do a fully researched 20 page paper on it. Even as we speak I am on my out to UNLV to turn this goliath in and then celebrate (unless of course you are reading this days later, in which case of course I have collapsed from the sheer joy and relief of having this monstrosity finished). However, I must be a glutton for punishment as I have signed up to take History 497 with the same professor. At least it is an independent study class and she is only requiring a 12 page paper on a subject of my choosing. I am thinking of doing the paper on the America Scientific Revolution from Benjamin Franklin to Albert Einstein, or at least that is my thought before talking with the professor. What does everyone else suggest?