Sunday, July 23, 2006

Too much sugar and caffiene post

Hidee ho neighbors, how is everyone doing today? Its Sunday afternoon and I am a little wired right now, so I figured it would be a good time to post. (Ok really, Teri was on my case this morning about and I quote, "Are you ever gonna post again.") Things have been eventful and plentiful around here lately, we saw Pirates, 7 out of 10; celebrated Martin's 35 birthday, Teri is starting to waddle and has no energy (yes, I know its 90% my fault Ter), and all in all just a wonderfully interesting life recently. Teri registered at Target for her baby shower and we bought a crib (I had forgotten all the stuff you have to do for a newborn). My Fantasy Football draft is upcoming so I have to start studying the teams again (go 49ers). Work has started to drag as I have gotten to the well what else is there to learn stage. Oh well, gonna jump in the shower, so more posting later...

Friday, July 07, 2006

Anybody still there?

Ok I have decided that I am just lousy with the blog when I am in the last week or two of a class. Yes, I just finished another one, if I keep this up I might actually get that degree after all since I am actually getting close (yeah ok I am already planning out the next course of study, either a Masters in Computer Science or History, or another BS in Computer Science since I need to take all those classes anyways for the Masters)

Well, tommorrow is the UFC and I am eagerly looking forward to the matches. Also, my brother called me up last weekend and we are starting to plan the NFL draft party which means football season is just around the corner (Note to self - get the laptop so I can hold Jacob Logan and watch football with him and still check the scores online). No Martin I am not getting a TIVO.

The new job is going well, as I seem to be impressing the right people. I even got a "On-the-Spot Award" of $250 on my first project. I am picking up the intricies of the news apps quickly, and my director is even starting to talk to me about starting some small programming projects (time to dust off those old VB books) Well everyone have a good weekend as I am off to watch Sci-Fi Friday...