Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Ok just some quick comments since I am in the midst of writing my two papers.

-I am a Dad again, yes Teri is pregnant. Due around November 11th.

-I got the job and start end of May.

-NFL draft is this weekend, go Niners. I am hoping that they get either AJ Hawk or Mario Williams with the 6th pick. I would be satisfied with Vernon Davis though.

-UFC, my second favorite sport enough said.

-American Idol, top 5, has their ever been a stronger group of finalists?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I am back from my hibernation.

Well, well, well, look whose back. Yeah thats right, I finally got off my butt and posted something on here. Its not like anybody comes here to read my blog much anymore anyways, since I haven't been posting to anyone elses blog either. I think even Teri has given up hoping that I will make a post eventually. Mea culpa. I couldn't help it, I have had quite a few changes to handle in the last month or so. Teri's and my probable changing domestic situation which has Teri going to the doctor way more than she likes. Even my work situation looks like it is changing.

Yep guess what? I finally decided that if I am going to stay at my current job for awhile (as doing the teaching thing looks like it has taken a back seat again) that I should at least get paid more for my job skills rather than just kick back and work my senior help desk position. So I took the plunge and applied for a programmer analyst position that was open (what I was trying to do back in my Mirage days right before I got laid off on 9/11) and 'lo and behold, I got the job. I felt good about it during the interviews, and even managed to pry the fact out of a couple of the people that interviewed me (I had 6 seperate interviews, one right after another) that the job was between me and one other candidate. Then, much to my surprise, the hiring manager, the director of the department, made a trip over to my area and informed me that HR should be sending me an offer letter by weeks end. Still no letter, but the unofficial word is out that I got the position and start May 10th. Got to love the rumor mill and how it is ahead of reality. Now I just have to sweat how much are they going to pay me. Is it gonna be the minimum 3-5% over my current salary? Or will they pay me the average of the position which is about 15-20% higher than I currently make. Only time will tell.